About Us

 We are a Melbourne based company that specialises in perfect ways to drink your tea!

Frustrated with the lack of products available to let you enjoy 'tea-on-the-go', we wanted something that was BPA free, chemical free and reusable but also something that looked cool!  We found some but they didn't fit the bill. We found the perfect solution with our beautiful 'Bamboo Collection' of tea infuser bottles but we've also added our coffee tumbler and thermos for you to enjoy your favourite beverage anywhere and anytime.

This then started an obsession with finding a truly authentic Certified Organic tea. We have sourced some stunning blends and came up with what we think is the most delicious, enjoyable and perfectly smooth teas. They look beautiful in our tea bottles too.

No more will you have to search for that perfect gift, no more will you have to use paper cups and add to the environmental waste, no more will you be searching for anything better. There's no better way to enjoy your tea through glass, watching the tea leaves dancing through the water while you sip. No better way than to drink your coffee from our beautiful tumbler, and no better way to pop open your thermos in front of strangers... go ahead, ask the question: "Do you have Tea Envy?"...


Go forth and drink Tea!